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Curriculum Vitae

Artist: Naoyuki Ogino

Artist (Photo-based)
Martial Artist (Aikido-based)
Liberal Artist (University Liberal Arts Education Lecturer, Facilitation-based)

Living in Kyoto, Japan




Born in Tokyo, raised in Mexico, now Kyoto-based.


1975        Born in Tokyo, Japan

'75-'78     Lived in Tokyo, Japan

'78-'82     Lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico

'82-'86     Lived in Kanagawa, Japan

'86-'91     Lived in Mexico City, Mexico

                 Graduated (March '91) from Liceo Mexicano Japones (Middle School)

'91-'95     Lived in Kanagawa, Japan

                 Graduated (March '94) from Toko Gakuen (High School)

'95-'2000 Lived in Nagoya, Japan

                 Graduated (March '00) from Nagoya University, Faculty of Science Department of Physics 

('97-'98    Lived in Queretaro, Mexico)

(Study abroad at Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Faculty of languages and letters, Spanish Department)

'00-'09     Lived in Nagoya, Japan

                 Working at Advertising company (untill '06)

                 Becoming a photographer

2009-       Living in Kyoto, Japan

                 Artist (Photo-based) / Martial artist (Aikido)









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2006                 [Japan]  Grand prix of 1st Japan Photographer's Union Competition



Representation / Gallery & Dealer


Representative gallery            [Antwerp Belgium]   Ibasho gallery

Portfolio "komomo" dealing  [Tokyo, Japan]           Photo Classic

Collotype dealing                     [Kyoto, Japan]           Benrido




[partial list]


2013 Abr.          [U.S.A]          "UZUMASA Exhibition Catalogue" by Create Space

2010 Sep.          [Japan]         Portfolio "komomo - A Geisha's Journey -" by Photo Classic

2009 Mar.         [France]        "Mon journal de geisha" by Aubanel

2008 Apr.          [Japan]          "komomo" by Kodansha International

2008 Apr.          [U.S.A./U.K.] "A Geisha's Journey - My life as a Kyoto Apprentice -"





                          [Norway] SUNNHORDLAND MUSEUM




2012 Nov.          [Uzbekistan] International Photo Biennale Tashkentale, 1st International Photo Contest's Jury

                                                   (with Jury President Gueorgui Pinkhassov)





2019 Jul.          [France]        Voies Off 2019 Portfolio Review

2018 Jul.          [France]        Voies Off 2018 Portfolio Review (Catalogue)

2017 Jul.          [France]        Voies Off 2017 Portfolio Review (Catalogue of reviewrs PDF)

2016 Jul.          [France]        Voies Off 2016 Portfolio Review (Catalogue of reviewers PDF)



Artist in residence


2022 Mar.          [Japan]        Arts council Shizuoka, Ito-city

2017 Aug.-Sep. [Norway]     Sunnhordland Museum, in Holsnøy Kloster



Official Photographer


2023 - now     [Japan]          KYOTOPHONIE, official photographer

2014 - now     [Japan]          Kyoto International Photography Festival KYOTOGRAPHIE, official photographer

2015 - now     [Japan]          KG+ KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite event, official photographer



International Photo Fair and Festival / solo and group exhibitions

[partial list]


2024 Apr. -  May [Japan]          "10 Years of Meta-Solitude", Festival (KG+)

2023 Feb. - Mar. [Belgium]      "#57 perfectly imperfect", Group Exhibition (Ibasho gallery) 

2022 Sep.- Jan. [Netherland] "Wabi-sabi. Japanese aesthetics in photography and ceramics", Museum group exhibition (Japanese Museum SieboldHuis)

2021 Sep.-Oct.  [Japan]  "Photo-Talk-Exhibition ZOOM2021" Festival (KG+)

2020 Sep.-Oct.  [Japan]  "Photo-Talk-Exhibition ZOOM2020" Festival (KG+)

2020 Jun.- Aug. [Belgium]       "WABI SABI", Group Exhibition (Ibasho gallery)

2019 Aug.          [Armenia]       "Reflections of the Flows", Festival (1st Armenian International Photo Fest)

2019 Jun.- Aug.  [Norway]       "Summer Exhibition Sunnhordland Museum - Halsnoy Kloster 2019-", Group exhibition (Sunnhordland Museum)

2019 Jun.- Jul.    [France]          "NEKO Project", Group exhibition (Gallery Argentic)

2019 Jun.            [Switzerland] "PHOTO BASEL", Photo Fair (Booth F22)

2019 Jun.- Aug.  [Belgium]      "NEKO project", Group exhibition (Ibasho gallery)

2019 May           [Japan]           KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite “Kamogawa Foetus motus–Exhibition in-between Sky and River-”  (KG+, Over the Kamo River)

2019 4/20,27,5/4. [Japan]        "Naoyuki Ogino Photo-Talk-Exhibition "Θ"" Festival solo exhibition (KG+)

2019 Mar.- Sep. [Netherland] "Japanese Nudes", Museum group exhibition (Japanese Museum SieboldHuis)

2018 Dec.           [Japan]           "UKABU SE -We were never meant to survive-", Festival event, (Rakushisha)

2018 Aug.-Sep.  [Japan]           "jin-zo II", group exhibition, (EMON PHOTO GALLERY)

2018 Jul.             [France]          "Conversation sur la Photographie autour d'un Sencha Tea par Tamasaka", Festival, (COSMOS BOOKS in Arles)(ATLAS)

2018 Jun.- Sep.  [Belgium]       "#28 - NI'HOMME - SUMMER GROUP EXHIBITION", Group exhibition, (IBASHO Gallery)

2018 May           [Norway]        "PREDICTIONS AND SHIMMERING MEMORIES (AiR Exhibition)", group exhibition (Halsnøy Monastery)

2018 Apr.-May  [Japan]            KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite “Kamogawa Foetus motus–Exhibition in-between Sky and River-”  (KG+, Over the Kamo River)

2018 4/21,28,5/5. [Japan]        "Naoyuki Ogino Photo-Talk-Exhibition "Ω"" Festival solo exhibition (KG+)

2017 4/15,22,29,5/6. [Japan]  "Naoyuki Ogino Photo-Talk-Exhibition "Λ"" Festival solo exhibition (KG+)

2017 Mar.         [U.S.A]              “the photography show presented by AIPAD (Ibasho gallery)

2017 Jan.-Feb.  [Belguim]        "#16 NAOYUKI OGINO" Solo Exhibition (IBASHO Gallery)

2016 Nov.         [Netherland]   "PAN AMSTERDAM" Fair for Art, Antiques and design, (IBASHO Gallery)

2016 Sep.          [Georgia]         "Fount of Geiko" Festival exhibition (Tbilisi Photo Festival 2016)       

2016 Jul.-Sep.   [Belgium]         "Summer Exhibition 2016", group exhibition (Ibasho gallery)

2016 May.         [Netherland]   "#11 Japanese Photography" The Gallery Club present with IBASHO gallry

2016 Apr.-May [Japan]             "Makai", Festival solo exhibition (KG+)

2015 Sep.          [Netherland]   unseen photo fair amsterdam, (booth of Ibasho gallery)

2015 May.         [U.K.]                Photo London, (booth of Ibasho gallery)

2015 May.         [Belgium]         "PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE FLOATING WORLD", Group exhibition (Ibasho gallery)

2015 Mar.         [Belgium]         "SHASHIN YO KONNICHIWA", Group exhibition (Ibasho gallery)

2015 Apr.          [Japan]             "Offspring Spirits", Festival solo exhibition (KG+), Gozaka Kyoto Pottery Climbing Kiln (Former Fujiwara)

2014 Oct.          [Uzbekistan]   "Offspring Spirits", Festival solo exhibition (Tashikentale Photo Festival)

2014 Apr.          [Japan]            "SIRASU", Festival solo exhibition (KG+)

2013 Apr.          [Japan]            "UZUMASA", Festival solo exhibition (KG+)

2012 Nov.          [Uzbekistan]  "Womb of the Myth" & "komomo", Festival two solo exhibitions,

                                                      The Gallery of Fine Art of Uzbekistan & CARAVAN SERAI (Tashikentale Photo Festival)

2011 Sep.          [Taiwan]          "komomo", Festival group exhibition (Taiwan Photo)

2008 Nov.          [China]            "2008 China", Group Exhibition (Beijing Palace Museum)

2008 Oct.           [Uzbekistan]  "A girl inherited Maiko (apprentice geisha) life", Festival solo exhibition (Tashikentale Photo Festival)

2008 Jun.           [Japan]            "2008 China", Group Exhibition (Tokyo International Forum)

2008 Apr.           [Japan]            "A girl inherited Maiko (apprentice geisha) life", Solo exhibition (Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan)

2007 Jul.             [China]            "A girl inherited Maiko (apprentice geisha) life", Festival group exhibition (Pingyao Int'l Photography Festival)

2007 Jun.-Nov.  [China]            "Japan in my eye", Group Exhibition (Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, total in 6 cities)

2007 Jan.- Mar. [Japan]            "A girl inherited Maiko (apprentice geisha) life", Solo exhibition (Canon Gallery Ginza, Umeda and Nagoya)

2006 Oct.           [U.S.A.]            "Scent of Tibet", Solo exhibition (Synchronicity Fine Arts in New York)

2003 Sep. Oct.  [Mexico]          "CONCHEROS: RITUALIDAD Y TRADICION", Solo exhibition (Queretaro Museum of History, Mexico)

2001 Jun.           [Japan]            "impression of Cruz", Solo exhibition (Shinjuku Konica Plaza)

2001 Apr.           [Japan]           "NEXT STAGE", Group exhibition (Shinjuku Konica Plaza)

1999 Dec.- Jan.  [Japan]           "The professors I met" photo interview exhibition, Solo exhibition (Nagoya University)

1999 Mar.- Jul.  [Japan]            "Different life, different smile - Mexico country side -", Solo exhibition (Canon salon Ginza, Nagoya, total in 5 cities)

1998 Nov.          [Japan]            "Los Charros- Mexican cowboy -", Solo exhibition (Shinjuku Konica Plaza)

1998 Feb.          [Mexico]          "VIVERE", Solo exhibition (Mexico-Queretaro State University)

1997 Feb.- Apr. [Japan]            "Taken by Minolta TC-1", Group exhibition (Minolta Photo Space)




[partial list]


2017 July            [Japan]            "Attempted called Naoyuki Ogino Photo-Talk-Exhibition "Λ"(Lambda)" (Cloud or mountain), Page12-13

2017 May           [Japan]            "Naoyuki Ogino Photo-Talk-Exhibition "Λ"(Lambda), Baisaryuho No.149, Page1-2

2013 Jun.- Nov.  [Japan]             Series column "My Kyoto Shimbun Review" (Kyoto Shimbun)

2010 Oct.           [Japan]             "Uzumasa" (Kaze no Tabibito) No.40

2010 Jun.           [Japan]              "Furusato" (Kaze no Tabibito) No.39

2006 Apr.           [Japan]             "A girls becoming Maiko in modern days" (AERA)

Lecture at University

[partial list]


2023 Sep. - now [Japan].        Ritsumeikan University, Course of International Liberal Arts "Cross-cultural Seminar: Physical, Mental and Theoretical

                                                    approaches for intercultural understanding with the elements of the Martial arts and the Arts", lecturer [in English]

2017 Sep. - now [Japan]         Stanford University, Program in Kyoto, lecturer [in English]

2017  - 2022      [Japan]          Ritsumeikan University, College of Image Arts and Science, lecturer [in Japanese]

2014                    [Japan]         Kyoto University of the Arts,  "Contemporary art and photography" lecturer [ in Japanese]

Lectures / Workshop / Photo-Talk-Exhibition

[partial list]


2024 Apr. 28th [Japan]          "Photo-Talk-Exhibition at '10 Years of Meta-Solitude'", KG+2024, A New Space (Photo-Talk-Exhibition) [in Japanese]

2024 May 4th   [Japan]          "KG+MEETING POINT at SIGMA Lounge | Ogino NAOYUKI & Nakazawa YUKI", KG+2024 [in Japanese]

2023 Dec. 13&20th [Japan]   "Let's relax! Explore body and mind through Aikido Experience & Intercultural theory", Ritsumaikan University BBP

                                                    Martial Arts Instructor [in Japanese and in English]

2023 Oct. 29th [Japan]            Appreciation Meeting and Symposium "Bridges Connecting Kyoto", Kyoto City University of Arts and Crafts High School

                                                    Terrace & Multi Hall, Symposium [in Japanese]

2019 Dec. 19th [Japan]           "HONORS: in-between Heresy and Hero", Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

                                                    Honors Program for Global Citizenship 2019 Future Leader Core Seminar #6, Lecture [in English]

2019 Dec. 9th   [Japan]           "Diversity & Inclusion in-between the borders", Ritsumeikan University OIC Beyond Borders Plaza, Lecture [in English]

2019 Jul.             [Netherland] “Nude, HARAI, Naked”, Lecture at Japanmuseum SieboldHuis [in English]

2018 May 22nd [Japan].          "Studium Generale 'Photography'", Nagoya University Global 30, Lecture [in English]

2017 Jan.            [Belguim]       "A photo, a photographer and an anthropologist: the meaning of stains and shadows", Dialogue with Dr. Paolo Favero

                                                      at M HKA(the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp) [in English]

2016 May 14th  [Japan]           "Makai" Talk Event 5: Naoyuki Ogino × Shu Tatsumura × Genbee Yamanaka "Metamorphosing Materials"

                                                      at Seikado Gallery, KG+ [in Japanese]

2016 May 8th    [Japan]           "Makai" Talk Event 4: Naoyuki Ogino × Satoru Nakajima "Art as a Ghost" at Seikado Gallery, KG+ [in Japanese]

2016 May 7th.   [Japan]           "Makai" Talk Event 3: Naoyuki Ogino × Masaji Yamamoto × Genbee Yamanaka "The Assets of Failure" at Seikado Gallery

                                                     KG+ [Japanese]

2016 May 3rd.   [Japan]           "Makai" Talk Event 2: Naoyuki Ogino × Takashi Yasozumi "The Underground Connection between Photographer and

                                                     Entrepreneur" at Seikado Gallery, KG+ [Japanese]

2016 April 30th  [Japan]          "Makai" Talk Event 1: Naoyuki Ogino × Annemarie Zethof (IBASHO Gallery Director / Belgium) at Seikado Gallery

                                                     KG+ [English]

2016 Mar. 17th [Japan]            "9th Qualia AGORA 2016 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2016 Feb. 5th    [Japan]            "8th Qualia AGORA 2016 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2016 Jan. 28th   [Japan]            "7th Qualia AGORA 2016 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2015 Dec. 17th [Japan]            "6th Qualia AGORA 2015 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2015 Dec. 12th [Japan].            The Present and Future of Communication - "Another Sky and Land: The Present and Future of Communication"

                                                     Tokyo Keizai Uni. Communication Department 20th Anniversary Symposium, Keynote Speech & Panelists [in Japanese]

2015 Nov. 26th  [Japan]            "5th Qualia AGORA 2015 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2015 Oct. 22nd  [Japan]            "4th Qualia AGORA 2015 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2015 Sep. 24th  [Japan]            "3rd Qualia AGORA 2015 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2015 Jul. 23rd    [Japan]            "2nd Qualia AGORA 2015 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2015 Jun. 25th   [Japan]            "1st Qualia AGORA 2015 / Discussion & World Café", Kyoto Qualia Institute, Facilitator [in Japanese]

2015 May 23rd  [U.K.]               Artist Talk in PHOTO LONDON [in English]

2015 May 6th    [Japan]            "Offspring Spirits Talk with Yoshiaki Kita", KG+ [Japan]

2013 Sep.           [Japan]             Japan Film and Television Art Directors' Guild "School for Movie art" lecture [in Japanese]

2012 Jun.            [Japan]            Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Ocean University, Gateway program, external lecturer with Dr. Jack Condon [in English]

2012 Oct.           [Uzbekistan]   6th International Photography Festival Tashkentale, master class lecture [in English]

2012 Jul.             [Japan]            Kyoto Shimbun planning lecturer "The Sofia is comming"

                                                      (Kyoto Municipal Nishikyogoku elementary school) [in Japanese]

2008 May           [U.S.A.]            Frank L. Ellsworth Performing Arts Lecture Series "komomo: Geisha in Contemporary Japan"

                                                      (Japan Society in New York) [in English]

2008 Dec.           [Japan]            Shizuoka University "Moral guidance theory", external lecturer [in Japanese]

2007 Mar.          [Japan]             Intercultural Resource Consultant, Session Focus on Roots of Culture about Mexico [in English]

2007 - 2022       [Japan]            Nagoya University, "Career development theory", external lecturer [in Japanese]




[partial list]


2013 Nov.           [Japan]             "Hanarikyu Saga Nisonin" Dialogue (Published: Kyoto Shimbun)

2009                    [China]             "China Shicuan Opera from the Japanese photographer'S eye" (Canon CHINA special web site)

2002 Jan.             [Japan]              New Photographer's File Vol.6 (Konica SINBI magazine advertisement)



TV appearance

[partial list]


2021 Oc. 28th   [USA]                 PBS "CULTURE QUEST" Documentary Program [in English]

2008 Oct. 27th  [Uzbekistan]    National satellite television English channel "Journal" live program [in English]

2008 Oct. 24th  [Uzbekistan]    Stan TV "The Fourth International Tashkent Ale is underway in Tashkent Photo House"

2008 May.          [Around world] Reuters TV, Reuters News [in English]

1999 Jan.            [Japan]              "youth message" (NHK television) [in Japanese]



Radio appearance

[partial list]


2008 May. 1       [New Zealand]  New Zealand National Radio broadcast live program [in English]

2003 Sep.           [Mexico]             Radio Queretaro live program [in Spanish]

2001 Nov. 29th [Japan]                Radio Tokai "Good morning I am Matsubara Takao" [in Japanese]

1999 Jun. 16       [Mexico]             Radiorama Queretaro program [in Spanish]




[Part list]


Kaze no tabibito [Japan], Kateigaho International [Japan], Reader's Digest [French version, Belgium version, Swiss version, Poland edition, New Zealand edition, Brazil version, Croatia version, Czech version, Serbia version, Taiwan version, Dutch version , Mexico version, Russian version, South Africa version, Spanish version, Finland edition, India version], Marie Claire [French version, Dutch version, Ukraine version, Thailand Version, Romania edition, Mexico version, Brazil version], Miroir de l'art [Italy], mia [Spain], Tu style [Italy], Grazia [Australia], Shooting magazine [Hong Kong], tomorrow [Japan], AERA [Japan], ACCENT [Taiwan]




[Part list]


Kyoto Shimbun [Japan], Asahi Shimbun [Japan], Nihon Keizai Shimbun [Japan], Chunichi Shimbun [Japan], Kyodo News [Japan], Beijing Evening News [China], Daily China [China], Vida Social [Mexico] , Reuters News [worldwide]



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