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Outdoor Installation, Aug. 2019

at Northern Avenue in Yerevan Armenia

in the 1st Armenian International Photo Fest

If there were no Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Mesopotamia civilization wouldn't exist.

If there are no rivers, the mesos (in-between) potamos (rivers) civilization wouldn’t exist.

Our civilizations are an expression of “dwelling" by the rivers. We are the reflections of the flows of the rivers. ...

Shimmer of Vanir

A small island at the entrance of fjord. It was a totally new place for me and the newness of the surroundings slowly started to refract -like a mirror- a new angle inside of me where I never recognized before or have seen but just forgotten after my childhood.


At first moment, ...

Kamogawa Foetus motus

4/7 - 5/26 2018 Kyoto, Japan

Kamogawa Foetus motus

-Exhibition in-between Sky and River-




This work was made to inspire and pray for quickening of things that are found hard to see in city life. 
Recently, natural ayu (sweetfish) from Osaka bay are swimming upstream to the Kamo river in Kyoto. This exhibition is to inspire this and is a prayer for the further revival of ayu. Furthermore, this exhibition is co-hosted with the support of the Kamogawa Fishery Cooperative as one measure to protect ayu from great cormorants. 


Can I release gods?

I think religious idols are like confining apparatuses. At times, they can confine a god or spirit for over thousands of years. These sculptures are praised and are then presented as the re-confinment of idols themselves by museums.


Text will come soon.

Text will come soon.

Seven years have passed since I moved to Kyoto. When I look back on my days in this city, I think I’ve had many “in-between” experiences, encounters that are in between the unusual and usual, the imaginary and the real, the old and the new, the Ying and the Yang. I’ve gathered these moments as “makai” (encountering the in-between) in this exhibition.



Archaeologist says the most ancient art of the human beings are the paintings or the hand stencils of the caves and most of them were made by women's hands according to recent researches.


With "Skin" series, I am trying to bring rich texture of puff toward my photography with materiality that touches my eyes directly and deeply.

It leads me toward hand stencils casted through thousands of years from those caves or it might be toward a puff sheer through a womb.

It might be in-between them.


Aevum is a Late Latin word of scholatic philosophy, which expresses a mode of existence experienced by angels and by the saints in heaven. In some ways, it exists between the eternity (timelessness) of God and the temporal experience of material beings.


When I visited Milan, I felt a strong power of existence from the idols images and statues all around the city. Sometimes they were more real than material beings for me and I felt as if they just idled their pulse for an instance or for an eternal period of moment in our world.

I started to hear the “idling pulse” coming from somewhere of the timelessness gods’ world or just from adjacent world next to my world.


Offspring Spirits

This series was made in Kyoto, Japan at a local Bon Festival (Spirit’s festival). During one particular day in summer, people gather around a drum tower to be with the souls of their ancestors. Children run around playing and unexpectedly join the elderly in a circle of talk and dance. Parents are talking, drinking, eating and dancing, or playing a drum on the tower for the dancers. Older people, seated in chairs surround the drum tower.


The event is a kind of haunting and on these occasions generations gather together and carry their many different worlds into the same place. Here I have found it possible to ....

Womb of the Myth

I have been taking these photographs in the movie studio at Uzumasa Kyoto, Japan for many years. In this work I have been searching for the seismic zones where today’s myths are fashioned through the handy work and breathe of professionals. I wanted to turn away from the banks or the companies with computers, and toward someplace with the sense of sacredness, where craftsmanship still guides the imagination. I found this place. This is not anymore the center of a vital industry; it is almost the last place where the practice of traditional Japanese movie craftsmen remains. This last citadel is now sinking. In 2011, three studios disappeared, and ....

Komomo - A Geisha's Journey -

Images of a teenage girl on her journey of becoming a full-fledged Geisha

A portfolio consisting of 12 original prints

Photographed over 8 years, from 2000 to 2007


20 limited editions (last 5 are special editions)

+ 5 AP. Signed by photographer

Chromogenic Print

16x20 inch (40.6x50.8cm)

-> Imprint test (PDF)

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