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Kamogawa Foetus motus

<Exhibition in-between Sky and River as a part of Ayu protection from river cormorant>


Venue: Over the Kamo River between the Shijyo bridge and the Donguri bridge

Period: 14th April 2018 - 26th May 2018 (Participated in KG+2018)


Co-hosted by Kamogawa Fisheries Cooperative Association






時期:2018年4月14日〜5月26日 (KG+2018に参加)





This work was made to inspire and pray for quickening of things that are found hard to see in city life. 
Recently, natural ayu (sweetfish) from Osaka bay are swimming upstream to the Kamo river in Kyoto. This exhibition is to inspire this and is a prayer for the further revival of ayu. Furthermore, this exhibition is co-hosted with the support of the Kamogawa Fishery Cooperative as one measure to protect ayu from great cormorants. 


This exhibition has a gross area of over 160m2, and the montage photographs are shown weightlessly suspended with multiple centers, while the overall composition is patterned after the yin-yang symbol of two dragons. I have tried to create a space that normally doesn’t exist in the narrow gap between the sky and the river. 


This exhibition of Kamogawa Foetus motus – border between the sky and river while is meant to be viewed by those who came to see, or by those people who happened to be walking over Donguri bridge over the Kamo river, but, more than anything, it is meant for the sky and river, the birds and fish. 


As recent research has made clear, paleoanthropic species such as Neanderthals also made cave paintings, not just homosapiens currently living on earth. Although this exhibition doesn’t contain cave wall paintings, a border between the sky and river has been created and developed in the heart of this ancient city. 


I hope this “border” exhibition – which is neither the world of “nature” or “human ” - will give you an opportunity to see the sign and breath of nature that continues to pulse at the bottom of the Kamo river which has become a part of the cityscape.










Exhibition artist: Naoyuki Ogino

Drone movie / Edit : Hiroyasu Takahashi


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